Wills & Probate

At NJ Law we have a wealth of experience of drawing up Wills of all kinds and can advise you in respect of all your tax planning matters. As we advise all of our clients, the importance of making a Will cannot be understated and it is necessity in order to ensure that your assets pass according to your wishes and properly provide for your loved ones, after death. 

We have unfortunately seen too many instances where the failure to write a Will or a poorly drafted Will has resulted in the deceased’s assets passing to persons to whom they would not have wanted their assets to pass, which includes in some instances to the government.  In many instances this leaves those who were dependent on the deceased with no option but to bring an action against the estate in order to obtain a provision, which is both time consuming and expensive.  This can all be avoided by simply preparing a Will.

At the time of preparing their Will we are also regularly called upon by our clients to act as Executors.  This gives them the peace of mind of knowing that their affairs after death will be properly taken care of and that their loved ones can, therefore, properly grieve their passing without having the burden of such responsibilities.

For those that have already been appointed as Executors of a deceased’s Will or find themselves in the position of an Administrator, we understand that the loss of a loved one can be a difficult and stressful time and the thought of having to deal with the administration of the deceased’s estate can be a daunting prospect.  

With this in mind we pride ourselves on being able to provide a fully comprehensive service dealing with all aspects of the administration of the deceased’s estate.  This includes: investigating and ascertaining the deceased’s assets and liabilities; valuing the estate and preparing the Inheritance tax accounts and application for grant of representation; arranging the sale of estate assets and paying all outstanding liabilities including tax; distributing the estate assets in accordance with the Will or intestacy rules.  Where an estate consists of property, our team have a lot of experience in this regard, which includes arranging the clearing, marketing, managing and sale of the property on behalf of the estate. 

  • Preparation of Wills and tax planning
  • Applying for Grant of Probate
  • Dealing with Inheritance tax matters and all other tax affairs
  • Comprehensive Estate administration service including management of Estate property
  • Dealing with debtors and creditors of the Estate, including bringing and defending court proceedings
  • Lasting Powers of attorney
  • Applications to the Court of Protection