Wills & Probate

NJ Law has extensive experience in creating Wills of all types and can provide tax planning advice. Creating a Will is crucial to ensure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes and that your loved ones are properly provided for after your death. We have seen too many cases where the absence of a Will or a poorly drafted one resulted in the deceased's assets being passed on to individuals they did not intend to, including the government. This can be prevented by simply creating a Will.

We are often called upon by our clients to act as Executors when creating their Will. This gives them the assurance that their affairs will be taken care of after their passing, and their loved ones can grieve without worrying about additional responsibilities.

For those who are already Executors or Administrators, we understand that dealing with the administration of a deceased's estate can be overwhelming during a difficult and stressful time. Our comprehensive service covers all aspects of estate administration, including identifying the assets and liabilities of the deceased, valuing the estate, preparing Inheritance tax accounts and application for grant of representation, arranging the sale of assets, paying outstanding liabilities including taxes, and distributing assets in accordance with the Will or intestacy rules. Our team has extensive experience in managing and selling properties on behalf of the estate.

We also offer a range of services, including tax planning, grant of probate, comprehensive estate administration services, management of estate property, dealing with debtors and creditors of the estate, including bringing and defending court proceedings, lasting powers of attorney, and applications to the Court of Protection.