Inheritance Disputes

Inheritance Disputes are one of our specialist areas of law and we are proud of the reputation and record of success that we have established in this area.

Inheritance disputes typically arise where a party disputes the validity or accuracy of a Will, or where they feel that they have not been provided with a reasonable provision out of the estate of a loved one.  Disputes can also arise where an estate is not being administered in an appropriate or timely fashion by the person appointed to be the executor or administrator.

In many instances inheritance disputes can arise simply because the deceased had failed to make a Will or because a Will that had been made was invalid due to procedural irregularities.  In many instances this can lead to the deceased’s assets passing to persons who the deceased would not have wished to benefit from his estate.  This can occur as a result of an unfair application of the “Intestacy rules”.  A dispute can also arise where the deceased has made a valid Will but has failed to adequately provide for a dependant.

There have been many instances where we have been approached by clients who were dependant on the deceased prior to his or her death but have not been left with enough money to support themselves after his death.  In these situations the law does offer some protection under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975.

An Inheritance Act claim can be made by spouses, children, civil partners, cohabitees and certain other classes of dependents who were dependent on the deceased prior to his or her death but have not been reasonably been provided for either in the deceased’s Will or by virtue of the intestacy rules.  At NJ Law we specialise in “Inheritance Act” claims and are fully qualified to advise you on bringing and defending such claims.

We also specialise in contesting Wills on other grounds, such as where the deceased was not of sound mind at the time of making the Will or where the Will was created as result of undue pressure being put on the deceased or even as a result of fraud.

At NJ Law our team specialise in contesting Wills and all other types of Inheritance Disputes.  We also provide a free no obligation consultation to assess and discuss your Inheritance dispute matter.  We offer a number of funding options for Inheritance dispute matters and in appropriate case will be happy to take your case under a “no win no fee” agreement so please call us today to discuss.

  • Challenges to wills on the grounds of mental incapacity; undue influence; lack of knowledge/approval or based on informalities in a will
  • Claims for a reasonable financial provision from an estate under the Inheritance (provision for family and dependants) Act 1975
  • Disputes over the way an estate is being administered including applications to have the executor or administrator removed from their position